Dream More

As we pace into 2018, I enjoin you to dream more, do more, and achieve more. You can achieve anything: all you need is a made up mind! Make up your mind, now! I wish you a happier and more meaningful life for each and every second of your life. Don't let go of your … Continue reading Dream More


The Beauty of Life

The beauty of life is in the choices we make. It is the choices we make that defines the steps we take. The steps we take determines what destination we reach. It all starts from making a choice; and that's the beauty of life!

To my esteemed readers

I want to declare the year 2017 as the year of reading (or the year for readers). I believe that you deserve to achieve all your dreams that's why I want to help you on your journey. I want to assure you that I will always have you at heart when writing as I always … Continue reading To my esteemed readers