A Rule


A rule to becoming a fool 

is allowing yourself to be fooled by every rule. 


The Beauty of Life


I don’t argue that life
is beautiful but only when you strive
for the dreams of your life
to materialize; the way is just to strive!

The beauty of this life is not in paintings
In music, in books, or in the beauty of things
The beauty of life is in our chance to make choices
To either subdue or strengthen our voices

Babucarr I have made my choice!
And yes, I have thought about it twice
But interestingly I still have the same choice
Do I still need another thinking twice?

Two qualities I want of my children
Are for them to have your character and heart
Then they won’t be a burden
To this world and that’s just a start

I want them to have your smiles
Your courage and your wisdom
With those they can reach miles
Deep into the humanity kingdom

I may do things you won’t ever understand
But just please accept my stand
My desire is to have as you the same stand
Other than your stand I don’t want any stand

Baboucarr, please believe it when people say that
“You have a great brother!”
For you as my brother qualifies me as a great brother!
Other than this what can I say?

Today’s world has many options
This is my guide for choosing bests options:
Only impress man
When impressing man is impressing God
Pray daily and for anything ask only God
Truly this is the way of a rightly guided man

Seek knowledge so long as it is useful knowledge
Be it at home, university or college
Love truth and live truth
Love peace and live peace

Going is nice but only when you know where
Knowing where is nice but only when you know why
Never choose a way because everyone else does
Choosing the right way is right even if no one does

Baboucarr, if you can hear me, never give up
Success mountain is tall and steep but we will reach the top
If you can hear me know that I love you
I cherish your wisdom and I’m just proud of you!

The beauty of this life is the thoughts of you
Working with you
Living with you
Or just being you!

Can someone tell me
Is there any other way of justifying the beauty of life
Other having Baboucarr as a brother in life?
I doubt there is but even if there is please just don’t tell me!

To my esteemed readers


I want to declare the year 2017 as the year of reading (or the year for readers). I believe that you deserve to achieve all your dreams that’s why I want to help you on your journey. I want to assure you that I will always have you at heart when writing as I always did.

Ebrima Ngum The Silent Poet once wrote, “Nobody in this world is a nobody; Seek for knowledge ‘coz I believe you’re somebody!” Tha Scribbler Bah (thascribblerbah.com) also pointed out clearly that “A man is what he reads.” I want to thank you for reading my posts; for the comments and feedback; for sharing my posts and recommending my website or page to others. I truly appreciate that. I am proud of you. Thank you!

Well, for this year, I want our interaction to be different, advanced, livelier and richer. Instead of me just posting on any topic, I want you, my great readers, to suggest topics you would want me to write on ranging from poetry, essays, web design, graphic design, motivation, internet and computers, speech writing and presentation, software installations, and personal growth. Yes, from now on, you suggest what you want to read! Ask! “The future is for those who ask for what they want!”, said Brian Tracy, Speaker, Author and Success Expert. And one more thing, If you have read all my posts or some of them, please tell me which post you liked most and possibly why. You may write it on the comment box or email it to me at meetmnjie@gmail.com.

To conclude, as you enter the year 2017, sit for at-least 30 minutes and ask yourself ‘What do I want / want to be / want to accomplish? Then write it down and take steps towards achieving your goals. There is difference between who you are today and who you can be tomorrow. Just think positively and have a role model (someone to look up to.) Help those who in need and appreciate what you have. And never forget: the world we all share is one but we all have our individual worlds; if your life is meaningless is simply you didn’t define it. Always want to be you because it’s only in you wanting to be you that you would be you; and you being you is the best for you; for you are just you and there is no other like you. And whenever you want to give up, just remember that if you believe you are too small to make a difference, then it is true you have never been to bed with a mosquito! Giving up is not for a winner like you!

With immeasurable love,
(M-Njie, The-Wisdom-Pen)



If I were a leader
In Africa or anywhere else
I would have strengthened education
And would have created more job opportunities
I would have fought hunger
And would have shackled corruption
I would have realised the visions of President Jammeh
And would have worn the courage of Ghadafi
And the confidence and eloquence of Obama
The brilliance of Thomas Sankare
And the ambitions of Nkwame Nkrumah
I would have adopted the strategies of Macky Sall
And the resilience of Nelson Mandela
The patience of Martin Luther King Jr.
And the perseverance of Robert Mugabe

I would have emulated the honesty of Prophet Muhammad
His trustworthiness and humility
His righteousness and mercy
His loyalty and determination
His teachings and judgements

Truly if I were a leader
In Africa or anywhere else
I would  have not imprisoned any human
But bad behaviours and prisons
I would have not searched for wealth
Or being power hungry
Yet I shall have ever lived in wealth
Oh, yes, peace is just enough wealth!

I would have welcomed all races
Are we all not humans?
I would have not requested any visa
But only a genuine smile
Above all, I would have been called a leader, not a ruler
Leaders show the way, rulers show limits



I was a boy
And just a young boy
When a stranger entered our home
And took along my heart’s home
I flooded my room with tears
For this was an addition to my fears
How lonely is without a mum, the world?
Sadly, in sympathetic voices, they said
“This stranger shall come to all
No matter what barriers, before her, laid”

I was a boy
And just a boy
When bad boys tried to bad-boy me
And bad girls tried to bad-boy me
Names I was called
To the bandwagon of sophistication I was called
In this bandwagon boys acted men
And girls acted women
Yet I was content being a boy
And promised myself not to be a man a boy

I was a boy
And just a brilliant boy
Loved education more than anything
And hated school more than anything
Schools were meant for passing exams
While I was in for knowledge not just exams
School was limited by a curriculum
So I held on to nature without a curriculum
But what then could I do?
For as a boy going to school was the only thing to do!

I was a boy
When being a boy meant being a boy
I played under the stars
And not imitated any of the movie stars
I played with friends
And not searching online for friends
I would argue that the moon was following me
And was curious why the moon was following me
I dared to insult or fight at home on the streets
Because anyone could discipline me even those on streets
I played cool games
Not these violent video games

I was a boy
And just a cheerful boy
Not worried about any worries
For every time I was told “no worries”
I could ask for anything
And could do anything
I could play in the rain
And, as a boy, nothing was as beautiful as the rain
I ate on time
And drank on time
Go to bed after listening to a nice story
Those stories helped shaped my life story
Or sometimes after being sang lullabies
Short or long, they were soothing lullabies
So soothing that I could dream
And in my wake live up my dream

I was a boy
I’m no more a boy