Senapxalima was created by M-Njie out of inspiration to serve mankind by helping people, through writing, to be a plus to their societies. M-Njie is a young-Gambian with knowledge in writing, speaking, web design, graphics design, programming, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). He is a computer-engineer-in-the-making, a motivational speaker, a web developer, a writer/poet, and a great leader. He believes in knowledge, discipline, motivation, wisdom, and truth.

Senapxalima is a platform for writers to share their thoughts with the world; for readers to find comfort in what they read; for the less inspired and motivated to be inspired and motivated to dream more, think more, do more, and become more. It is for those who cherish their brains and want to content their brains with wisdom, insight and creativity.

What is more, it is a river for anyone who wants to sail to the land of blissdom, a bridge for those who want to cross to the land of knowledge, and it is a world for those who want to explore and appreciate the beauty of nature through reading and writing.

Thirsty for knowledge and reading? Here is the platform for all and to all! A new platform of excellence!

M-Njie would be most pleased to receive your comments and contributions towards making this site a success. He can be reached via email

Have a splendid visit!


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