If I were a leader
In Africa or anywhere else
I would have strengthened education
And would have created more job opportunities
I would have fought hunger
And would have shackled corruption
I would have realised the visions of President Jammeh
And would have worn the courage of Ghadafi
And the confidence and eloquence of Obama
The brilliance of Thomas Sankare
And the ambitions of Nkwame Nkrumah
I would have adopted the strategies of Macky Sall
And the resilience of Nelson Mandela
The patience of Martin Luther King Jr.
And the perseverance of Robert Mugabe

I would have emulated the honesty of Prophet Muhammad
His trustworthiness and humility
His righteousness and mercy
His loyalty and determination
His teachings and judgements

Truly if I were a leader
In Africa or anywhere else
I would  have not imprisoned any human
But bad behaviours and prisons
I would have not searched for wealth
Or being power hungry
Yet I shall have ever lived in wealth
Oh, yes, peace is just enough wealth!

I would have welcomed all races
Are we all not humans?
I would have not requested any visa
But only a genuine smile
Above all, I would have been called a leader, not a ruler
Leaders show the way, rulers show limits


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