I was a boy
And just a young boy
When a stranger entered our home
And took along my heart’s home
I flooded my room with tears
For this was an addition to my fears
How lonely is without a mum, the world?
Sadly, in sympathetic voices, they said
“This stranger shall come to all
No matter what barriers, before her, laid”

I was a boy
And just a boy
When bad boys tried to bad-boy me
And bad girls tried to bad-boy me
Names I was called
To the bandwagon of sophistication I was called
In this bandwagon boys acted men
And girls acted women
Yet I was content being a boy
And promised myself not to be a man a boy

I was a boy
And just a brilliant boy
Loved education more than anything
And hated school more than anything
Schools were meant for passing exams
While I was in for knowledge not just exams
School was limited by a curriculum
So I held on to nature without a curriculum
But what then could I do?
For as a boy going to school was the only thing to do!

I was a boy
When being a boy meant being a boy
I played under the stars
And not imitated any of the movie stars
I played with friends
And not searching online for friends
I would argue that the moon was following me
And was curious why the moon was following me
I dared to insult or fight at home on the streets
Because anyone could discipline me even those on streets
I played cool games
Not these violent video games

I was a boy
And just a cheerful boy
Not worried about any worries
For every time I was told “no worries”
I could ask for anything
And could do anything
I could play in the rain
And, as a boy, nothing was as beautiful as the rain
I ate on time
And drank on time
Go to bed after listening to a nice story
Those stories helped shaped my life story
Or sometimes after being sang lullabies
Short or long, they were soothing lullabies
So soothing that I could dream
And in my wake live up my dream

I was a boy
I’m no more a boy


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