Have I lost my poetry charm?
Why am I as silent as a grave?
Am I not anymore brave?
What is keeping me calm?

I have measured my fears
And measured my tears
I have sharpened my arrow
To better my tomorrow
My fears are not fears
They are tears
My tears are not tears
They are fears

The tears I see dripping on Gambia’s face
Saddens me and muted me
When a beautiful face is wrinkled
Not by old age then it’s a poison
Where is the wisdom in the songs I sing?
Two decades of development
No matter the scale crushed in an eye’s twinkle
Fear of this is the sad me
My fears are not fears
They are tears
I still ask myself ‘How to avert this?’
This ugly tomorrow starring at us?
This tomorrow confirming news I heard of the far
Seing is believing but
This tomorrow needs not to be seen to be believed
I know in the wake of this tomorrow red rivers shall form
If fraction means part of a whole
What fractions will constitute those red rivers?
For even if not of my own root
I don’t want this for any country
If The Smilling Coast should frown
Then her people must have betrayed her
My tears are not tears
I just can’t stand seeing in you fears

Ignorance can bring arrogance
Go grab your results! You’ve passed the test
The test of fiegned patriotism
Should you still turn deaf ears to our plea
My prayer is: never frown oh Smilling Coast!


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