Should I write you a poem, Naffie?
A poem that will teach you lessons
You’ll never forget?
Lessons that would help you
Become a plus to society?

There is nothing like time
Levels of consciousness are all we have
Be conscious of your needs and targets!
The rich need the poor
And the poor need the rich
Being of help is the purpose of our lives
Equip yourself with knowledge to help the world
Learn and never be tired of learning
I can’t agree that knowledge is expensive
Our universe is a university
And all men, a student
So observe and learn from nature!
Always be happy and smile
Always smile and be happy!

Naffie, never wait for tomorrow
You never realises when it arrives
The yesterdays and todays were once called tomorrow
Life is like a bicycle;
The movement of the rear wheel
Sets the front wheel into motion
What you do today determines your tomorrow
Make a choice today!

What others say about you might not be the problem
But what you make out of those sayings
Count not how many friends you have
But how many good friends there are in your world
Yes, it’s true we all share the same world but
We all have our individual worlds
Make a meaning of your life!

Naffie, you can only be a light to yourself
when you have no shadow
A single tree cannot be called a forest
Allow others to lean on you!

Never dare to dare to act god
All differences lies in the eye
You only see what you want to see
To see what is not there is just a mere wish
Always dare to dare rising any time you fall!

Little angel, if success is what you desire
To the route to knowledge you must adhere
In this century and in centuries to come,
Discipline is the only way out
Knowledge is the best judge
And wisdom is the most luminous light
Insight is the greatest eye
Belittling others is the gravest mistake
And perseverance makes success more meaningful
Try smarter, not harder!

Naffie, be proud of who you are
Seeking to be someone else
Can never make you someone else

It’s only by you wanting to be you
That you would be you
And you being you is the best for you!

Should I write you a poem, Naffie?
A poem that will increase your wisdom?
Sister, here you go…
Do you know why Allah gives and His stock is never finish?
Isn’t that what He gives and
Who He gives all belongs to Him?
Don’t be afraid of giving; giving others means giving yourself!

Islam is the reiligion of peace, in peace, and for peace. Hold unto it!
Prophet Muhammad is the best teacher and mentor. Follow him!
Allah is the creator and owner of all things. Obey and trust Him!


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