When I’m imbued
With the desire to preach
My hands and vibrant stick
Become inextricably glued
Wisdom is immanent
In my heart and prominent
Knowledge vibrates within me
Read my lines. What can you see?

I sometimes feel
That my senses are sensing
The nonsenses of the senses
That man can immolate
That man can act gay
That horror man can say
That nature man don’t want to imitate
My heart I want to heal
If God shows the way
What is there for man to say?
Except to obey and live
And then be happy and relieved

Expect nothing
Surprises are the bests
Strive for everything
Always put your dreams to tests
Give people your best
And to God, leave the rest
If you could see, in seeds
The many other seeds,
Fruits, stems, leaves and branches,
To you are the chances
Of being one and equal to ten
For only then
Would you understand that nature is orderly
And only then would you be a leader
And a visionary leader,
Seen rarely!

If you can catch many fish from the sea
And come the following day before time for tea
Hoping to catch a bigger catch
And equally prepared for lesser catch
You are a believer
And indeed a pious believer

If you could see a person and believe it’s you
That all men are born equal
You’ll be free from shackles; it’s true
And to God you are loyal

Never be afraid of death
Yet try to die, never!
Death is the mere ceasing of breath
While dying is when forgotten forever

Always try to be you
Because it’s only in you wanting to be you
That you can be you
And there will be none like you

Don’t ever dream big
Small dreams should be your only big dream
Cell is tiny, life is big
Bricks are small, but in buildings out of them men scream


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